About Quran Teaching School (QTS)

Quran Teaching School (QTS) is one of the best online schools for learning Qur'an and basic fiqah. Our online tutors provide one-to-one classes which enable our students to learn to recite The Holy Qur'an online with proper Tajweed rules.
Quran Teaching School is not only a Quran learning website to provide kids Quran learning but our online Quran lessons are equally popular among adults, brothers & sisters of all ages. There are many Quran tutoring websites, but our competitive, polite and friendly online Quran teachers make Quran Teaching School the best online Quran teaching website. Sisters from all over the world are learning Quran with tajweed and essential Islamic teachings from our female Quran teachers in convenience of their home.
Online Quran Teaching School recognizes that a vast majority of people are engaged in full time work, studies & family which means they cannot find time to go to Islamic centers to learn holy Quran. Especially children and sisters are facing difficulties. Therefore majority of the Muslims don’t know how to correctly recite The Holy Quran with proper Tajweed. Our teaching method is very successful and all of our students are very pleased with our service. Therefore we are offering 5 days free trial classes in which you can just evaluate our service.

We offer following features and benefits.

Latest Technologies

We use latest available technologies to teach Quran. Like Skype and screen sharing.

Qualified Teachers

Our teachers are fully qualified and experts in their field.

Get $5 Discount

Refer one of your friends to QTS and if they successfully enroll, you get $5 discount on your fee.

5 Days Free Trial

All our courses include 5 days free trial which you can cancel at anytime without any cost.


Quran Teaching School is offering various courses including online Quran Recitation, Memorization, Translation, Tafseer, Fiqh and variety of other customized Courses. Our courses are offered by highly qualified teachers who are experts in their field.
All of our courses can be broken down into these three categories.

Note: All our courses include a free trial period which you can cancel at anytime.

Basic Quran Learning

Learn to recite Quran with proper tajweed
And become a Qari


Learn how to Memorize and recite Quran

Basic Fiqa Course

Learn how to:

  1. Pray properly
  2. Fast
  3. Calculate and pay Zakat
  4. Marraige and Divorce
  5. Plus more

Our Fee Plans

You can choose from one of the following fee plans.
We only charge fee in order to cover our hosting and other costs.
Our plans include first week of free trial classes.

Plan A
3 Days/week

40 or

Plan B
4 Days/week

50 or

Plan C
5 Days/week

60 or

Contact Us

You can enroll in our courses by contacting us using anyone of the following methods:

Email: mzaheed758@gmail.com
Skype ID: admin.isquran
Phone: USA - +13213250090 UK - +441158881118
Whatsapp #: +923415172923

Alternatively, you can fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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